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Marriage, “A Limit on Freedom”
Ephesians 4:2 Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love.

This week I would like to speak to our married couples. The ones who are struggling. The ones who have it all together. The ones who can’t stand each other and the ones who can’t stand to be apart. Pastor Pete’s current series, Finding Freedom is no doubt speaking to everyone in one way or another as we deal with a variety of relationships, but this week I want to zero in on Freedom in our marriages.

All too often marriage is viewed and experienced as a “limit on freedom”.
I’ve heard men refer to their wives as “the old ball and chain” far too many times. And us woman are not exempt from our own faux pas, “You’re such a miser/penny pincher.”
We may have heard these from our parents growing up, our friends’ parents, TV shows, maybe we aren’t even sure where we heard it but like a VHS tape, it is imprinted in our memories. (For the young’ins out there, VHS came before DVD, and DVD came before streaming. It was all the range at one time) The problem here is when things are not going your way and compromise creeps in you start to think you have to give something up, something YOU want and you either stand your ground or you grumpily give in, even though you really do not want to.
If you or your spouse is looking at your marriage through a tinted lens that your marriage is just a series of never-ending compromises that leave you longing for, here is comes, FREEDOM, then it’s time for a lens repair. Let’s get you into a crystal-clear set that helps you focus on the Freedom that already exists in your marriage.

Freedom to Be Yourself: In a healthy marriage, you should feel free to be your authentic self. Your partner accepts you for who you are, flaws and all.
Shared Dreams: Couples have the freedom to dream together and work towards common goals. Whether it's starting a family, traveling, or building a life together, marriage allows you to pursue these dreams as a team.
Intimacy: Intimacy in marriage brings emotional and physical freedom to connect with your partner on a deep level. This level of closeness and trust is unique to marriage.
Life's Journey: Marriage offers companionship and the freedom to navigate life's journey together. Facing challenges and celebrating victories as a team is a significant aspect of marital freedom.
Parenting Together: For couples with children, marriage provides the freedom to co-parent and guide the upbringing of their kids. This shared responsibility is an important aspect of family life.
Shared Values: In a marriage grounded in shared values, you have the freedom to align your lives with principles that matter most to you, such as faith, ethics, or community involvement.
The last one I’d like to preface with this:  
On any of the above if you or your spouse find yourself shaking your head and saying something like, “well that doesn’t apply to us.” That’s ok, you now see an area where you can both grow. Where you can Find Freedom.

Mutual Growth: Couples can experience personal growth through their marriage. It's an environment where both partners can learn, evolve, and become better versions of themselves.
While challenges will arise in any marriage, these aspects of freedom serve as a foundation for building a resilient and fulfilling partnership. Acknowledging and appreciating these freedoms can help couples continue to grow and strengthen their bond.

Maintaining a true sense of freedom for yourself and supporting your partner to do the same is essential to fulfill your vision, and hope, for your marriage.
-Sam Mosca




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