Weekday Devotionals

Releasing Heavens Blessings was the title of Pastor Pete’s sermon this week and I love that thought. I was brought to church to better understand God, find out how Christ saved me from my sins, and how the Holy Spirit is going to help me- from someone that released their Blessings from Heaven onto me. In my case it was my grandma in my youth and friends as I got older. They told their stories with words of their faith, to evangelize to me and showed me that there was a way for me to be happier and a better person with the love of God with me.

 Also, in the sermon- Pastor Pete said- “We must develop a mindset of – I’m going to be ready to follow God and pass God’s words on. When we pray, we have the power of Heaven come down to earth and it becomes one.” God gives us the power of prayer; God gives us the power to speak up and evangelize to those around us. Proverbs 11:30 says (AMP) “The fruit of the (consistently) righteous is a tree of life, and he who is wise captures and wins souls (for God- he gathers them for eternity).” To be this type of person that Proverbs is talking about (winning souls for God) takes courage and practice. I used to let opportunities to evangelize slip by me because I was afraid I would sound silly or be asked a question I wouldn’t know the answer to, so I would say nothing. Evangelism is being courageous and letting God do the talking for you. He will guide your words and give you the power to use His words that will make perfect sense. I have talked to people about my church, my God, and my faith that when I have gotten home, I was like Woah- Where did that come from? It was and could only be the words from God.

In the study Becoming a Woman of Prayer- S.D. Gordon says- “You can do no more than pray, after you have prayed. But you can Not do more than pray Until you have prayed.

I pray that in this Holy Season that the courage will come to us in the form of inviting others to church, a Bible Study or maybe just a cup of coffee over some scripture, then we will be Releasing Heavens Blessings on those we care about and wish to see grow in the love only God can give.

LuAnn Kleemeyer




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