Weekday Devotionals

Devotional written by Pastor Aaron Green

"Our Father who art in Heaven..."

Skip Simmons, dear friend & founder of No Longer Fatherless, began his Communion meditation by stating, "Father's Day is quite possibly the worst holiday on the calendar..." and he wasn't wrong. For many across our nation and all over the world, Father's Day is painful. It's a reminder of something we may not have had, or perhaps wish we didn't have given our experience with our fathers. Now, for the record, my father was wonderful and Skip would say the same about his dad, this day was not painful for us, but it was for many many people. It may cause people to wonder, why would God want to be known as Father, considering the negative image this plays on so many? Well... I would say that's exactly the reason God chooses to be identified as Father. God understood that this is what would be most needed in our world- a Good Father. It's important to understand, no matter how good or bad your biological father might have been, God is NOT like him. Even our good fathers out there have their shortcomings and failures. God is not like them. God IS good, all the time. And those fathers that brought pain, abuse, disappointment... God is not like them either. God IS good, all the time. As Pete said on Sunday, "Not all of us have a biological father that we know of, and not all fathers are biological." As Jesus walked the Earth, His goal was not simply to tell people how to get to Heaven when they died, He was pointing people to The Father. His desire was that we might share the same relationship that He shared with The Father, and cultivate that relationship throughout the ends of the Earth. Why? Because everyone needs a Father, and all of us does indeed have a Good Good Father who has nothing but good thoughts and intentions towards those that would like to be called Children of God.

Have you spoken to your Father today?





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