Weekday Devotionals

Acts 22:3-6 recounts Paul's transformation from a persecutor of Christians to a profound advocate for Christ. This passage resonates deeply with many, including myself, who have journeyed from doubt to faith. Like Paul, I too stood on the other side, armed with skepticism and what I believed was intellectual superiority. My path to embracing the truth of the Resurrection mirrors the multifaceted approach God uses in the process of evangelism.

The realization that God orchestrates a symphony of influences in our conversion has profoundly impacted my approach to sharing my testimony. My journey involved persistent prayers from my mother, intellectual debates with my brother, encouragement from friends, and the quiet, steadfast love of my wife. Each played a crucial role, showcasing the diversity of God's tools in drawing us closer to Him.

My story, much like Lee Strobel's in "A Case for Christ," speaks to fellow skeptics, serving as a bridge between doubt and faith. It highlights the power of transformational truth and the undeniable impact of personal testimony in evangelism.

One of the greatest challenges in sharing our faith is simply finding the right moment. The key, I've found, is to lead a life that reflects Christ's love and to seize opportunities to offer prayer and support. It's in these moments that doors open, and hearts begin to change.

As we navigate our own journeys of faith, let us remember that our stories are potent tools in God's hands. They have the power to reach across divides of belief, touching hearts in ways we might never fully understand. So, let us share our testimonies with humility and hope, knowing that in God’s grand design, every story matters.

In sharing our stories, we not only testify to God's grace in our lives but also invite others into a relationship with Jesus. Let's be encouraged by Paul's transformation and use our narratives to connect with those still searching for the truth. Our journeys, with all their twists and turns, have the power to inspire, educate, and bring others into the loving embrace of our Savior.

In Christ's love,





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