Weekday Devotionals

In the journey of faith, showing up to church every Sunday, volunteering, or even serving in pastoral roles are important aspects of our spiritual lives. However, as Pastor Pete Keirstead's insightful sermon reminds us, these actions alone don't necessarily equate to spiritual growth. True growth in our walk with God requires something more - intentionality in our daily practices and deliberate steps towards deepening our relationship with Him.

Just as a plant needs more than just soil to grow - requiring sunlight, water, and nutrients - our spiritual lives need more than just routine attendance or service. They thrive on intentional practices like deep, personal study of the Scriptures, where we not only read but also apply God's Word to our lives. It's in the quiet moments of meditating on a verse, or the heartfelt application of a biblical principle, that we often find the most growth.

Similarly, our prayer life, often combined with fasting, is a testament to our deliberate pursuit of God. It's a discipline that goes beyond routine prayers before meals or bedtime. It’s about setting aside dedicated times for seeking God, laying down our desires and distractions, and truly listening for His guidance.

Moreover, spiritual growth is not a solitary journey. The early church, as depicted in Acts 2, grew not just in numbers but in depth through fellowship, shared meals, service, and generosity. They intentionally devoted themselves to each other and to the mission of spreading the Gospel. This communal aspect of our faith is crucial; we grow as we share our journey, learn from others, and serve alongside them.

Being a regular churchgoer, a volunteer, or a pastor is commendable, but it doesn't automatically translate to growing in faith. Spiritual growth is an active, intentional process. It requires us to take next steps, however small they may be, in our personal, communal, and service-oriented practices.

So, let's challenge ourselves to not just go through the motions. Let’s seek meaningful ways to engage with our faith, be it through deeper scripture study, more committed prayer, or more involved community and service. Remember, it's these intentional steps that lead to true spiritual growth, transforming us day by day into the likeness of Christ.





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