Weekday Devotionals

Devotional written by Pastor Eric

True Artists have a knack for taking the ordinary, mundane, average sights of life and drawing out of them something extraodinary and breathtaking. They can see past the drudgery and chaos of the "what is" and enter into a world of creativity and hope for "what should be". With every brush stroke or sculpture they create not just a piece of art, but a story of hope and with every ounce of their heart they pour themselves into what turns into a Finished Masterpiece.

Then the aging process begins. Stored on a mantle or on a wall this amazing creation starts to weather and age. Even with the most care possible, this once new masterpiece becomes succeptable to the bitter cold of the environment and the extreme heat which causes decay. What once was a beacon of beauty and perfection has become, itself, now average and passed over as lost.

It remains in this lost state until a set of eyes behold this hidden Masterpiece and sees what the original artist saw. They take this piece of beauty and lovingly pour their heart into it and what was passed by for so long is restored to its original perfection and beauty for all to see not just the art but to remember the original artist who created it.

Take a minute, step outside and look around you. Take a drive down to the beach and watch the waves or stay up past your bedtime and watch a sunset. We live in a Masterpiece. See the people who exist around you and then go ahead and do what few enjoy doing, look in the mirror. More masterpieces everywhere. So much and so many are broken and worn. Time has taken its toll and sin has destroyed so much. It is so easy to just sit idle and hope for a better world or a better day. To wait on the promise of the "what will be" and miss the "what could be".

The calling on our lives as Christ-followers is not to sit idle by and let these masterpieces continue to wither and wear. After the Temple had been completed God spoke to Solomon and told him at times destruction may come, the locusts may devour the fields and in essance bad things might happen which cause decay and brokeness. He was sharing at times the masterpiece is going to get weathered and worn. But then He gives what is a frequent flyer quoted promise:

"Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14, NLT

There is the word. Restore. This is not a promise for a world to come, this is a promise for the world which is. BUT, it does require some to see what few see. It takes someone who follows the Artist and Creator of all things to see His heart and the love He has for His masterpieces. It takes you and I. We must follow what is written here now. We must humble ourselves and realize we are not better than the broken. We must seek our Fathers face and see through his eyes as only then can we see the beauty in which He sees His creation. We must turn from our wicked ways of isolation, complacency and procastination and get busy being the artists hands as He brings restoration to His masterpiece. This is not something for one day, this is what we must do NOW!

After the final restoration stroke on the canvas of our World has been finished and the brush is dipped in the cleansing water of completion we will step back and behold what our Creator and Savior desired it to be: a Masterpiece surrounded by Masterpieces all pointing to the original artist who created them all.

Let's stop ignoring and passing by that which was created to showcase the heart and glory of our Savior. The creativity of our Creator lives in you, and the world, His Masterpiece, needs to be restored.





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