Weekday Devotionals

Devotional by Anne-Marie

During his Sermon on Sunday, Pastor Pete posed some key questions. Who do I trust most? Who am I expecting to change my situation? Who is in control, really?
First, can we trust someone we don’t know? If we don’t know God, if we don’t have an intimate relationship with Jesus, why would we trust Him?

As in any relationship, if we want to get to know someone we need to spend time with that person. We need to establish shared experiences. We test faithfulness, consistency, reliability, truth, love.

It’s your choice. Only you can engage. Psalm 37:5 (ESV) Commit your way to the LORD; trust in Him, and He will act.

Who are you expecting to change your situation? What’s your plan for overcoming anxiety, fear, depression, hopelessness, loneliness, sickness? Trusting Jesus is my plan. He does not disappoint. He is trustworthy. He has and does act in my life.
John 5:6 (NLT) When Jesus saw him (sick beggar at the well) and knew he had been ill for a longtime, He asked him, “Would you like to get well?”
Would “you” like to get well? Jesus is the answer.

Say this prayer with me:

Lord, I say yes to You. I want to get well. I want to know You and be known by You. Open my eyes to what You are already doing in my life. Help me to shed any doubt that I have about You and Your ability to carry all of my burdens. Bring Your relief from fear, doubt, and disease. Make Your love tangible in my life so that I can share it with others. Make me usable. I choose to trust You with my life. I am confident that You will act. Amen




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