Weekday Devotionals

Hello beautiful humans. Since it was Sabbath Sunday and there was not a sermon this weekend, I was bestowed the honor of writing about whatever I wanted to for this week’s devotional. To be told, “do whatever you want,” to someone like me is a nightmare. This kind of opportunity causes me to freeze because my brain explodes into a thousand ideas that I struggle with narrowing down to one. I was stuck staring at my laptop screen, not sure what to write about. So, I prayed. Then, I was reminded of all the devotionals and poems I’ve written throughout the years in my journals. Up until very recently, these have been for my eyes only. However, God recently prompted me to share one of my poems on ‘The Theology Lounge’ podcast. When I say I never do that, I mean I NEVER do that. The words I write are from the deepest and most intimate parts of my soul. To share that with others requires a high level of vulnerability, authenticity, and risk... risk of being rejected and of being seen and known. But there is something I am very passionate about, probably more than anything else. And that is encouraging and empowering others to be genuinely and wholly authentic. So, with that being said, I am going to take some of my own advice and authentically share something I wrote. I pray that it touches your heart and soul and reminds you of how remarkable, powerful, captivating, and loving our God is. The God who loves you and is the peace you’ve been searching for.
It Was Always You
Something was missing. Lost. Searching for this missing piece in different places.
None ever fully satisfying the longing in my soul.
It was always You.
The longing for something more. The longing to know why I am here. The longing to know my purpose.
It was always You.
In the darkest moments that were hidden from the world. Convinced I was alone. Hope could not be lost. Something would not let me fight the battles alone.
It was always You.
“Who am I?” Only confusion and chaos manifested itself in my mind. “Ashamed, Alone, Abandoned, Desperate for Approval,” was the sound of the booming thunder between my ears.
Then, I was rescued.
In the dark. In the quiet. In the middle of the night, I heard a gentle whisper. The gentle whisper that saved me.
“You are my beloved. You are worthy of love.”
In an instant, the deepest longing of my soul, satisfied.
The missing piece that I had searched for
Gifted to me so wonderfully. The answer to everything I was searching for.
My missing peace.
It was always You.

- Raquel Simmons




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