Weekday Devotionals

“Do Not Fear…. Only Believe!”  Jesus, Mark 5:36by Rick McCotter

The story in Mark 5 is about one of the Synagogue leaders, Jairus and his dying daughter.  He seeks out Jesus to heal her and save her from certain death.  He finds Jesus, ask him to come to the house where his daughter lay dying; Jesus agrees to come.  Along the way, Jairus witnesses Jesus heal a woman who was bleeding for years and then Jairus gets news that his daughter is dead.  Jesus hears the news, looks at Jairus and says…Do Not Fear…Only Believe.  Jesus does go to his house brings the girl back to life.

How many times have we received bad news, became fearful or anxious and completely forgot that as believers, God is right in the middle of the whole situation?  I sure have, many times and this story reminds us of a few very important truths we need to hear over and over as we journey through life with Jesus.

Truth #1:  God has the situation under control. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances look like.  You do not need to entertain fear or anxiety.

Truth #2:  What is happening is temporary.  Believe that God is going to work all things out for your good.  The situation will change.  Until it does, stay close to Jesus while waiting.

Truth #3:  Remember that what God has done for others, he can do it for you to.  Not that he will do it…but he can do it and he will provide exactly what is best for you.  

Truth #4:  When you’re in the middle of your crisis, don’t listen to anyone who is negative and trying to pull you down.  Surround yourself with strong believers that will build you up in your faith and walk out the situation with you.

I’m challenging myself as well as you to apply these truths to all the trials in life you are going to face.  You will have adversity in your life as a believer; it is part of the sanctification process of becoming more like Jesus.  God’s mission is to conform you into the image of his son.  You will grow the most in your faith when you are uncomfortable.  Embrace being uncomfortable; don’t fight it, don’t try to change it, look at yourself and you will discover where God is giving you the opportunity to surrender an area of your life and be further transformed into the image of Jesus.  Go forth and do well.

- Rick




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