Weekday Devotionals

Devotional written by Aaron Green

Verse: "This is eternal life, that you know God, and Jesus Christ whom He has sent." John 17:3

Thought: What does it mean to 'know God'? It seems the Scriptures emphasize the life-long pursuit of knowing God is the most endearing pursuit anyone can partake in. It's a bit like surfing. We are blessed to live along miles and miles of the Atlantic Ocean. There is nothing stopping anyone from picking up a surfboard and paddling out into the great unknown. Granted, many people do not do that (like myself) because it's treacherous, there are mysterious creatures that lurk beneath the deep, and perhaps we just have no idea what we're doing out there (like me). Fortunately for me, God does not require that we pick up surfing in order to know Him, but He certainly does not promise us that it will be any less treacherous, mysterious, and a bit terrifying. We may have no idea where to start or how to begin. His call is simply to come. 'Pick up the surfboard', if you will, and just paddle out. Here at Thrive, we push everyone to take their next steps. Everyone has a next step in the pursuit of God. The basic Christian answers to a pursuit of God are prayer and Bible Study, and we certainly encourage that for every person, but Pastor Pete has given us other ingredients as well. For instance, the Bible emphasizes prayer and study, but it also emphasizes serving others. It seems that anyone who pursues God must, at some point, engage in serving others with the same attitude as Bible study or prayer. It's not about what you do... let me type that again... it''s NOT about what you do that makes God love you, but what we do reveals what we believe. We use the phrase 'growth ingredients' so, to put it another way... It's the ingredients we put in that produce the type of cake we enjoy.

Application: Do some self-evaluation. Where would you say you are at spiritually? How is your personal study, prayer, giving, worship, service, relationship with family and friends? Is there something that needs to change? Are you willing to 'paddle out' and change it?

- Pastor Aaron




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