Weekday Devotionals

Written by: Samantha Mosca

Be imitators of God, therefor, as beloved children, and walk in Love, just as Christ loved us and gave Himself up for us as a fragrant sacrificial offering to God…..
Ephesians 5:1-2

When I started my journey with Jesus the very first impression I received was in the form of a word. I was given the word intentional. It showed up everywhere.
I cannot emphasize enough, EVERYWHERE.
I would see it in things I was reading, conversations I was having, signs on the side of the road, even when I was at work it would show up in emails from customers and fellow workers alike.
My first step was to look up the exact definition of the word.

Intentional (Adj.) Done on purpose; Deliberate.
Similar words: calculated, intended, planned, studied, purposeful….

I would sit and pray to fully understand the scope of this one word.
What was I to be intentional about and how?

The answers came quick.
Spend time in my words and all the answers will be there. (Personal study-Bible)
Share what you learn in every conversation you have, both spoken and written. (Evangelism & serve)
Surround yourself with likeminded individuals who will fill your cup as you empty it into the world. (LOVE)

Plant the seed and Be the Light.

God sent His son, Jesus, into this world to show us that in human form, even amidst the suffering, we can do all things thru Him. (Philippians 4:11-13)

In a world with so many role models, teach your children, share with your neighbors, remind yourself daily, there is only one true role model- Jesus who suffered for us, who carried His cross, who ultimately died for us and then rose into heaven and now He smiles down upon us with arms wide open.
Always Forgiving
Always compassionate.

Holy week is upon us. Jesus will teach, He will have His last meal with His closest family, He will be denied, He will carry what is believed to be a 165lbs cross for His “sins”, He will be laid to rest in a tomb, the earth will be covered in darkness and then…..He will rise! He will have paid for all of our sins and given us eternal life!

My Challenge to you, from my heart. My fellow Christians, my family.

What will you be intentional about today?

What will you do with the love of Jesus?

Will you keep Him/Jesus all to yourself?

- Samantha




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