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More than just Charades - written by Eric Nidiffer

And they have defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimony. And they did not love their lives so much that they were afraid to die. Revelation 12:11 NLT

My family "loves" family game nights. We are pretty easy going and mild people, but open up a board game and watch out! One of us usually ends up in tears, another has to enter a cone of silence for the anger displayed, one breaks out into overzealous prideful celebration from taking down the others and ALL of us have to end up apologizing. Oh the joys of family game night!

One game I have never mastered is Charades, or really any game where I cannot use words and talk my way through it. However, so many people love the game as they prefer not to use words to communicate and they can remain silent while they play. Which I guess this can be fun for a time, but eventually words are needed. How else are we going to explain to the other players, who had no guess for why we were throwing our hands in the air like a crazy person, that the words we were describing were 'rabid squirrels'? Sometimes they can't guess what we are trying to communicate by just observing actions and so words are needed to make things clear for them.

It is so true our actions can be a strong witness for our Savior, but sharing the Gospel requires words to be used as well and it can't just be the Pastors or Elders jobs to do so. God has given you a unique story. Your testimony is a real life example of our Savior's grace, protection and salvation for the World to see and HEAR. People may shut down a conversation about the Bible or directly about God, but few will refuse to listen to a good story about a person who has fumbled through life and learned valuable lessons of truth as a result.

This is how we overcome the barrier of sharing the Gospel. When everything in us wants to remain silent and just play charades, we must overcome through the words of our testimony. If the world is always guessing why we are different but we don't tell them our story then they will never know how they too can experience the freedom Christ brings to a broken, bound life.

It's time to use words and share the story God has given you with those who are waiting on you to speak up. Not only will lives around you be impacted but the enemy is rendered powerless when you proclaim the truth and power of God's activity in your life. This is your overcoming power by the word of your testimony!

Write your story down. Even if you don't feel you have a story to tell. You will be shocked when it is all written out, all the many ways and times God has come through in your life. Our Father makes no mistakes and never has an accident. Every word of your story tells His story in your life. So write it down and get ready for who He will place in your path that needs to hear it.

Love you all,
Pastor E




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