Weekday Devotionals

Devotional by: Ron Mosca

Therefore as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, walk in [union with] Him [reflecting His character in the things you do and say-living lives that lead others away from sin], having been deeply rooted [in Him] and now being continually built up in Him and [becoming increasingly more] established in your faith, just as you were taught, and overflowing in it with gratitude.
Col 2:6-7 AMP

21 Days of Prayer and Fasting!!  Praying the year is off to a great start for everyone.  As for me and my house…we’re hungry!   And as a Church family, we have begun our Rooted walk together.  How exciting is this!?!  What a great time to be part of our Family at Thrive.  For my family, we are so excited and thankful to be part of such an incredible Church family and are so thankful for each and every one of you.

 Rooted…This weekend Pastor Pete spoke about what our Spiritual Roots are and how we can mature our Roots so that we may continue to grow.  So how do we continue to grow, in a practical sense?  Isn’t coming to church and reading my daily Bible verse enough?  Pastor Pete said on Sunday, “Growth starts with a seed”.  Perhaps this is your seed, I believe we all start in a different place or time of life.
Pastor Pete also said, “Deep Roots take Time”.  He referred to Matthew 13:4-6 where Jesus is telling a story about where a farmer planted seeds and which planted areas developed growth and which did not.  If you haven’t read this parable, please do…It’s such a good read.  Deep Roots take time!  That means we need to be intentional and put some time and effort into this growth process.  No excuses allowed!  Most of us, especially those who have played sports, have heard such phrases as “No Pain, No Gain”, “You get out what you put in” or “Practice, Practice, Practice”.  These are all references to time management; you need to put in the time to develop the skills you want to hone or the relationships you want to strengthen.   Deep Roots take Time!

As a result of the time invested growing our Spiritual Roots, every relationship in our life has the opportunity to strengthen and flourish.  An unexplainable peace will begin to permeate your very being, and a confidence grows within you as your Spiritual Roots grow and strengthen.
Pastor Pete also said Sunday, “My seed is my next step”.   What next steps are you taking to facilitate this growth?  Growth Track, Dream Team, Leading a Small Group or joining a Small Group are just a few next steps that you can be enjoying!

We each need to assess where we are in this walk, where we want to get to and then develop a plan to get there.  Growth starts with a seed, takes time, and my seed is my next step.  If it’s not going to challenge me, then it’s not my next step.  Push yourself in this season.  Where are those growth opportunities for you…time serving, more disciplined giving, more intentional quite time chasing His presence?  Trust Jesus!!!

Hope to see you at The Church Property for prayer and worship at 7 each weeknight for the remainder of our prayer and fasting season.
Words can’t express how much Our Thrive Family means to my family!

Love Ya Thrive,




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