Weekday Devotionals

Written by Pastor Aaron Green

Verse: “…Abraham believed God, and it was reckoned to him as righteousness, and he was called the friend of God.” James 2:23

There are a few words that we highlight as a society around Christmas time: joy, peace, and believe. I can picture the word ‘believe’ displayed across Macy’s storefront as our Christmas season begins with the Thanksgiving Day parade. Obviously Macy’s and our culture is not talking about a belief in God, but the words we highlight at Christmas time have deep Biblical significance. Interestingly enough, the Bible is not trying to convince people to believe in God; it assumes the reader already believes in God. What it is trying to do is get the reader to believe God. If you read that too fast you might have missed the two letter word that was missing. Let me type it again… The Bible is not trying to convince you to believe in God, but to believe God. Now, hopefully if you’re reading this I don’t have to convince you to believe in God, but I would like to ask you this: do you believe God? Do you believe God is good, all the time, at His core? Do you believe God is on your side? Do you believe He is for you and not against you? Do you know Him, and do you believe He knows you? This Christmas, I invite you to consider belief. What do you believe about God? Where did those beliefs come from? Are they accurate, or have you just accepted them from childhood or outside influences? I want to share with you what I believe. I believe God doesn’t want you to just believe in Him. I believe God wants spend time with you, yes you, the reader, on a personal level. I believe God wants you discover how good He really is. I believe He wants to give you a meaningful life. I believe God wants to call you friend.

Consider the many questions posed above. Journal your responses or share them with us! How will you believe God in 2022?

-  Pastor Aaron




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