Weekday Devotionals

Written by Pastor Aaron Green

Verse: “… Our Father who art in Heaven…” Matthew 6:9
This past Sunday we began diving into Ephesians 4. Paul is talking about what it means to have a church body centered around humility, gentleness, and patience for one another. Bearing with one another in love. It is unity that is geared towards community; hence why the term unity is found in it. We all desire a place like that. We desire a place where we can be ourselves, and have people care about us no matter what state we are in. When a place truly feels like ‘home’ it means we are comfortable in our own skin. The people that make up our home is our family. Family can bother us sometimes; annoy us even. Perhaps there have been some heartaches and pain, but there’s also been joy. We continue to come home because it’s home. In a well-functioning home there is all of those elements I just listed, but it’s okay because we know home is filled with family that love us. They want to see us succeed, live our best life, and find joy. Sure, they might correct us at times, push us to action, or give us advice we didn’t ask for, but they also love when we’re together. They encourage us when we’re down, and they love us where we are. I believe Jesus wanted His followers to address God as Father because if God is our father that means everyone else who calls him Father is our brothers and sisters. They are family. You treat your family a little differently because you love them, you know them. You talk to your siblings differently than you talk to a coworker. In a well-functioning family siblings may squabble with one another, but we still want to see them at the dinner table. We want to be there for them and we want to see them succeed. For some us, the church is the only family we got, and I believe God wants to bring more people into this family, and I believe He’s using this family (you & me & everyone else who calls Thrive home) to do just that.
How do you view the Church (not necessarily speaking about Thrive)? Do you believe you are a part of this family? Why or why not? Do you know someone that could use a family? Can we be that family?

Love you Thrive Church… er… Thrive Family ;-)  

Pastor Aaron




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