Weekday Devotionals

Written by: Ron Mosca

It is this, that the Gentiles are now joint heirs with the Jews and members of the same body, and partakers of the same divine promise in Christ Jesus through their faith in the good news of Salvation.   Eph 3:6

Unity without Uniformity…Huh.

Unity, Webster tells us this is the quality or state of NOT being multiple, ONENESS.   And our buddy Webster tells us that Uniformity is the quality or state of being the same in form, manner, appearance, or degree.

Well, now it’s clear….NOT!

Sunday Pastor Pete explained this concept to us so that as a Church we can achieve Unity.  We’re all different in so many ways from one another.  Age, gender, race & ethnicity, life experiences, education…We all are so different, how can there ever be Unity.
So that Christ may dwell in your hearts through your faith.  And may you, having been deeply rooted and securely grounded in LOVE, be fully capable of comprehending with all of God’s people the width and length and height and depth of His Love.  Eph 3:17-18

During Pastor’s sermon he, spoke of the intentional integration of Christ’s Church.  Us, the body of the Church, is stronger together with all our differences included and more than accepted but celebrated!   RICH VARIETY IN THE CHURCH.  An all-inclusive body of Christ, the Jews and Gentiles, working together, worshiping together, studying and growing together, doing life together is the goal.   How wonderful would life be if we could just “get along”.  Simple concept, but not easy to accomplish.  As Pastor said on Sunday…Doing Love is Hard!

A state of Oneness.  Not the same, but together.  Us, with all our differences, strengths, and weaknesses, doing life together while sharing the good news of Salvation.  It’s the Church Body as a whole, accepting and loving the individual, the makes us one.  One Body, One Church serving One Lord .  and Savior.

Serve your fellow man while embracing their differences…Piece of Cake, Right?
Yep…it’s a struggle for me too.

Empowered: unlimited inner strength.  Once empowered, Loving your neighbor becomes natural.  Share the Good News and Trust Him to Change Hearts!!  
Be Empowered.  Be Love.  Be nonjudgmental.  Be accepting and forgiving.  Be helpful.  Be empathetic.  Unity in the Church is absolutely achievable.  What are you contributing?

Love Ya Thrive




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