Weekday Devotionals

 written by Rick McCotter

Verse:  In 2 Kings 10:30-31, God tells Jehu he has done well in destroying the family of Ahab and because of his obedience, his descendants will be kings of Israel down to the fourth generation.  But, Jehu did not obey all the Law of the Lord with all his heart.  He refused to turn from the sins that Jeroboam had led Israel to commit. (Idol worship; golden calf figure)
Thought:  Jehu did everything well except he would not give up his one Idolatry.
Why was this Idolatry so hard to give up?  Because he made it with his own hands, it was his and he could control it. Idolatry is addictive because it presents itself as a relationship with something we can CONTROL. Jehu couldn’t let go of his addiction for that Idol because it brought him a false sense of security through control.
So, let’s take this a little deeper and look at our own self and our possible control issues.
Let us understand this about control.  We love what we think we can Control.  Why, because it brings us a sense of certainty or predictability and that makes us feel secure.  Basically, we are having a love affair with control.  Fear drives us to be in control so we know what is going to happen next; we think it eliminates the fear of the unknown.
How can I evaluate if I have Control issues?
Here are two areas that accurately indicate our addiction to Control.

The First is My Generosity Level.  How generous are you? Is it hard for you to share your resources with others? Your money and possessions?  
Jesus said not store up your treasures on earth. for where your treasure is, your heart will be there also.  Matthew 6:19,21.  
Our money is very important to us.  So, ask yourself, how controlling am I with my money (all things come from God, so is it really YOUR money?).

Do you enjoy giving, or is it uncomfortable for you. Take an honest inventory of your generosity.
The Second is My Stress Level.  Stress is a by-product of trying to control something I have no control over, hence, we have stress. Stress is created because we are not getting our way, or we think we know what is best.  So, what is your stress level?  Here is what you can do when you feel stress coming on you; stop and evaluate, ask yourself, what am I trying to control and why am I trying to control it.

Application/Challenge:  Control can be a much bigger issue in one’s life than we perceive.  How can we get free from controlling areas of life we really have no control over or no business trying to control?  We love to control circumstances, situations, outcomes, relationships and people. Why?  What is the root cause of all this Control?  If we know the Causes, we can get free.
Here are some root causes that manifest controlling behaviors in us:  Lack of Trust in God, Self/Selfishness, self-seeking, self-pity, basically self-first.   It looks like this: “I am” “able to” “fulfill” what “I think” “I need” in “my life” and “I certainly know” what is best for others.

Knowing the cause creates the opening for freedom. Repent of the control and what cause you to be controlling, your root causes, confess those to God, ask forgiveness. As you become aware and see the control issues, the Holy Spirit will empower you to think and behave differently and you will continue your journey in becoming more like Christ Jesus.
So, don’t be a Jehu and hold on to that one thing you love that’s killing your spiritual life!  Let it go and let God be the LORD OF ALL!!!
- Rick McCotter




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